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Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions. At Lauren Carr we reserve the right to make changes to our prices and service details on this site without due notice.

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Booking fees of £45 is required to book all services on a chosen date(s) and is deductible from the total cost of service. Booking fees are non refundable due to securing of chosen booking slots and loss of potential bookings from other clients unless the issue lies with unlikely cancellation of services from our side. Payment of booking fees means clients are bound by the terms and conditions stated in this website and which are included in the booking invoice prior to payment so it is recommended that all service users read through carefully. Bookings made prior to any changes on this website will remain the same in price as verbally or otherwise agreed upon. Booking fees to secure wedding dates will be added to the final bill unless service is no longer required in which case cancellations must be made immediately after the trial is completed. Cancellations thereafter will mean the service user will forfeit the booking fee and will still be liable to pay this for securing a date which otherwise would have been used by other potential clients. Cancellations must be made clear on a written notification letter or email. Booking invoices will be sent once coresspondence of what is required, date and time is agreed upon. The client will then have up to 7 days to pay in order to secure the chosen trial date unless the trial date is less than the said timeline.

WEDDINGS: Trial & Event day


Makeup trials for weddings must be made up to 2 weeks prior to the event to have sufficient time for testing product sensitivity to skin, sampling chosen colours and makeup looks. Early trials are recommended. Clients are required to send images or links for thier specific looks up to one week prior to their trial dates so that preparations can be made or advice given according to desired looks. All trials will be a maximum of 3 hours from start to finish, if the trial lasts longer due to extra modifications a charge of £25 will be added per hour. This will be made clear during booking and stated in the booking confirmation email. Full payment of outstanding balance is expected to be made 1 week after the trial date. An invoice will be sent to clients reminding them of this.






Group bookings must be paid in full prior to the date of the booking when an invoice is sent to the hosts email address. The booking must fulfill as per service requirement the minimum amount of participants needed in order to validate the booking. Should there be any absence on the day of event, no refund will be given as responsibility is undertaken by the host before booking confirmation. Each participant will choose 1 makeup style and have 30 minutes maximum for makeup application, 45 minutes maximum if undergoing makeup. A time frame for all participants will be agreed upon in the contract and any extra time incurred outside the agreement will be charged an extra £40 per hour due to the numbers in the group and additional mua support included in group booking larger than 3 people requiring makeup.






Mobile services are available in South Shields and the Northeast of England. However if outside of this areas fees will be added to the final invoice for the extra time and travel fees incurred. All prices of services excludes travel costs inside and  outside of South Shields as this varies depending on client/s or venue location. The amount will be made clear after enquiry. For those booking trials, it is recommended that bookings are made where there is flexibility so there is sufficient time to fulfill the trial criteria, and just in case additional looks are required.